Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldA COLLECTOR’S STORY 16 – 16 Mins

NatashaIn this recently re-discovered gem, Wonder-Natasha faces off against The Riddlerette (played beautifully by Jackson), with each girl taking turns on the winning and losing ends of an over the top battle. We see Jackson telling the camera how easy it’s going to be to take Wonder-Natasha out, and then we fade to Natasha (in civilian clothing) working out in her mat room. Jackson sneaks up but Natasha gets up to transform. She spins…right into Jackson’s punch! A stunned Natasha runs right into Jackson’s knee as it slams into her gut. Jackson delivers rights and lefts that catch Natasha in the jaw, leaving her dazed on the mats! A sudden piledriver KOs Natasha for good, leading to a win and victory pose for Jackson! Round two starts with Natasha coming to and transforming into her true self. Jackson steps back into the room and looks surprised…but tries to fight the now powerful Wonder-Natasha. Natasha slams fists into Jackson’s face, finishing her off with a stunning kick to the jaw! She then proceeds to wake The Riddlerette up with a brutal body slam, followed by a boston crab and a trick stolen from one of her best friends: a super-breath slam into the wall! She traps Jackson with her lasso of truth and slaps a tight sleeper on the evildoer, gently sending her to La La Land!   She strikes a winning pose as we fade out… into yet another message from The Riddlerette, who’s escaped from the asylum! We see Natasha announce her intentions on re-capturing her foe, only to suddenly face her in the mat room! The two lock in a test of strength, one that The Riddlerette wins! She drives Natasha to her knees and nails a brutal headbutt KO!   She poses over the sleeping Wonder-Natasha and then waits for her to come to. Seems The Riddlerette has either been working out or has discovered a new strength serum because Natasha’s punches do NOTHING. If anything they injure the heroine’s fists, leaving her open for some brutal punches from Jackson! The face blows leave Natasha dazed, tongue out as Jackson slams another one into her gut! A few more face punches and Wonder-Natasha is out cold on the ground, but Jackson isn’t done yet! She waits for Natasha to come to ad attacks with a brutal leg spreader, a camel clutch, a standing bearhug KO, a pin, a sleeper hold KO, another pin, and a victory pose! Natasha comes to and tries to attack with her lasso but Jackson is way too strong. She slams a punch into Natasha’s face, spinning her around and leaving her dazed! She traps Wonder-Natasha with her own lasso and finisher her off with a final neck snap that drops the superheroine like a stone! Satisfied, The Riddlerette strikes a final victory pose as we fade to black!!

I do love when SK manages to fins a video failed to be released, especially when it starring two well missed fan favorites, like Natasha and Jackson. It’s great to see Jackson, I love her as The Riddlerette, and she’s perfect for the role, being naturally a little crazy. Natasha too was perfect, staying noble and hopeful assuming eventually justice will prevail. The customs are another high point, I’m not really a huge fan of The Riddlerette body suit, but even I can’t complain too much about Jackson in that and Natasha’s is awesome, even luckier for me, she keeps her boots on for the whole video. We don’t often get to see heels in SKW too often, quite frankly, because it’s just not safe for most SKW combat, so this was a great bonus. And finally, the selling, Natasha is somehow greatly over powered after her initial victory over Jackson and Jackson does a great job of making the heroine feel foolish as she’s easily defeated. I love that Jackson does the final neck snap right in the middle of Natasha admitting her defeat, providing us with the best reaction of the video. It’s also great to see are old favorites again and it’s no wonder Natasha was so popular, I mean is so popular, that girl is totally still a fan favorite today, even for me. Check this one out if you too miss Natasha, or you never got the chance to see her in action.

Overall Score: 9.5/10