Review of A COLLECTOR’S STORY 15 – 23 min

We fade in a on The Collector bragging about the two captured and hypnotized superheroines he’s got, Keri Spectrum and Alisa Kiss. He’s using them as bait to get Bat-Sumiko in his lair. With a simple command. he puts the two superheroines to sleep. Later Sumiko enters, she hurries to wake up her friends, they seem confused, but as soon as Sumiko turns around they both pinch her neck and Sumiko goes right out. The superheroines play some KO games on poor Sumiko, using their powers to send Sumiko flying all over the place. Everything was going to the collector’s plan, till Sumiko, out of no where, grabs a shard of kryptonite. This quickly turns the tides in Sumiko’s favor. Once the hypnotized heroines go down, Sumiko knows she’s got to beat the girls out of their hypnotized state, After a couple KOs the girls come to, but the don’t trust themselves, so the ask Sumiko to KO them again to be safe, She does and just when she thought everything was safe, the Collector’s voice fills the air, a nearby vent doses Bat-Sumiko with sleepy spray, rendering her unconscious, Super-Keri and Alisa start to come to, but another set of sleepy gas blasts puts them back out as well, leaving 3 new superheroines added to The Collector’s, collection.

With this line up of talent, nothing could go wrong. All these girls are amazing looking and they sell just as good. Also, no matter who you’re the biggest fan of, you win as they all get plenty of time on the losing end and they all go down at the end, becasue no one ever gets away from Tthe Collector. I’m really happy with this video idea, mainly becasue we get so see some super power tricks, those are always fun and because in the end everyone gets a good nap, with a great long shot of the three captives. The only problem, unsurprisingly, is Keri’s costume. You got one of the best bodies in the business and you cover her from neck to toe in something that takes away all the details she has worked so hard to get. Alisa’s and Sumiko’s costumes however are both really great. Overall, a very great clip, plenty of KOs, super powers, kryptonite, and a great ending, all extremely well done by these girls.

Overall Score: 9/10