review of A COLLECTOR’S STORY 14

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldA COLLECTOR’S STORY 14 – 13 mins

We fade in on Super-Alisa rushing into the Collector’s secret lair, where she suddenly hears him through an intercom. He tells her that she’s walked into a trap, but the cocky superheroine refuses to believe it, all while one of The Collector’s thugs, Little Jeanne, sneaks up behind her with a shard of kryptonite.   She taps Alisa on the shoulder and delivers a brutal krypto punch that spins Alisa into the camera, knocking her to the ground. She chokes Alisa with the shard of green rock, but loses patience, choosing to put Alisa’s lights out with a massive blow to the skull instead. What follows is yet another loss for the lovely Super-Alisa, this time completely destroyed by the powerful Jeanne in a brutal one-sided beatdown.

Another great beatdown on poor Super-Alisa, this time at the ruthless hands of Little Jeanne. Alisa is one of those girls that just fits so well into these heroine roles, she just looks perfect for the parts and sells it great. It takes Jeanne no time to have total control, then after removing her cape and boots, just has her way with Alisa. She uses mostly power moves and chokes to dominate the powerless heroine. Alisa gives us lots of great struggling with really nice eyerolling. I love superheroine destruction, something about a powerful heroine, in her sexy custom, being totally destroyed, is something I always love to see. Overall, I love Alisa, she super sexy and gets totally wrecked and Jeanne, just doing what she does best, has a great time taking apart the sexy heroine.

Overall Score: 8.5/10