Review of 428: Leva Bates vs Olivia

Review of New England Female Wrestling428: Leva Bates vs Olivia – 7.5 mins

Leva Bates is showing of her mean side versus Olivia. Not even giving her a change to breath, Leva attacks immediately and never lets up. Olivia it totally overwhelmed, the blonde rookie gets pummeled in the corner, than Leva just does what ever she wants, tossing Olivia around with ease. Leva goes for a few false pins just to add insult to injury. After a final flurry of punches and forearms to the face, Leva is satisfied enough to finally pin her prey.

This vid get right to it, by time the fade in is finished Leva is already halfway across the ring. Every time I’ve seen Leva before, she’s light-hearted, joking around and most of the time she has some superhero costume on. There is none of that here. Leva is all business and showing a mean side that I have never seen before. She dominates without a care in the world and continues till she’s finally satisfied. Olivia is really cute and love how terrified she seems the whole time. Unfortunately there are no KOs, but I like the fake pins. In the end, I don’t think Olivia is going anywhere, anytime soon.

Overall Score: 8/10