Review of 397: Brittany Blake vs Olivia

Review of New England Female Wrestling397: Brittany Blake vs Olivia – 11.5 min

Brittany Blake and Olivia meet up in the NEFW ring, as they try to see who can knock the other girl out the most times. Olivia scores an early KO with a tight side headscissors, but Brittany battles back and chokes Olivia out in the corner with a foot right on her throat. The girls keep trading shots back and forth with more choking in the corners, and along the ropes, and also some sleepers as well. One girl even resorts to using the straps on a backpack to choke out her opponent. In the end Brittany is the one who gets to walk away.

A lot of KOs in this one, the match is overall back and forth although Brittany seems to be in control most of the time. I like the outfits, both are pretty sexy. The selling is pretty good too, I think both girls look good fighting to say awake. It seems they didn’t know how they wanted to count the falls. Sometimes there was pins, sometimes they stood up and counted there opponent out like a boxing match and I think once was kind of both, where she pinned her for about 5 seconds, then sat next to her for the next 5. That makes it a tiny bit confusing, since there was no intro to introduce the performers and the rules. Also, for this being a match that focused on KOs, I felt it weird that Olivia was left awake in the end. Overall, I did enjoy this one, the KOs are good and frequent, few details need to be ironed out and these vids need intros, to tell us who’s in the ring and the rules of what’s about to happen.

Overall Score: 8/10