Review of Billy Teaches Sarah A Lesson

Review of Sky Power EntertainmentBilly Teaches Sarah A Lesson – 11 Mins

FASarah thought she was going to manhandle Billy, but he has been taking MMA and wrestling classes so he was ready for her. She finds out quickly that he knows how to put her down and in many moves she can’t get out of. We also get to see her sexy breast displayed as she screams in pain while being dominated. He KOs her and doesn’t stop until he has felt he has had enough. It finally gets to a point where he puts her in a reverse triangle and chokes her to sleep leaving her sexy, but limp body on the mats.

Funny enough, I just reviews a video with Sarah Brooke yesterday and here is another one starring the beautiful bomb shell. Again this is a totally one sided, topless affair, Sarah never stood a chance, although she walked in poking Billy in the chest. Immediately after that, we are treated to an all-out display of Sarah’s wonderful, topless body as Billy bends her at will. Sarah’s makes lots of great reactions and faces as she’s tortured. Sarah’s cries slowly fade to silence as she’s worked over, in the end passing out cold for only KO in the vid, but a well-earned rest for poor Sarah Brooke. This vid needs a little better camera work, as a couple of great reactions are totally missed, like Sarah passing out at the end. Billy is not the most entertaining heel I’ve ever met and it could use a few more moves, because even in only 10 mins a few moves where used twice, but overall, a pretty enjoyable video.

Overall Score: 8/10