Review of SUPER SELF DEFENSE – 15 min

The lovely Super-Heather decides to show off some of her moves with a special self-defense video. She’s got Pocahontas Jones and Serena Voxx to help out. They both seem very willing to be her practice dummies. Heather talks us through a good number of 1 on 2 KOs, but just as she starts to close the video, her two assistants pull out a shard of kryptonite that quickly weakens the superheroine. Serena and Pocahontas take turns, taking shots at Heather. When they KO the take her cape and stockings, then wake her up for one more KO, leaving the kryptonite as a parting gift on the sleeping heroine’s belly.

This is a great idea that gives a normal superheroine vid just a little twist. Instead of just having two attacker who can’t put up a fight till the kryptonite comes into the play, They willing get defeated till the have an opportunity to strike back. It makes it a little more surprising. The selling here is good, a little exaggerated and a little silly. It works well with Heather talking like she leading an aerobics class and that the prefect way for her to deliver it. Also we have some more superpower tricks here. I think you can’t go wrong with superpowers. Overall, this is a fun superheroine vid, plenty of well sold KOs, a defeated overconfident superheroine and a good use of superpowers.

Overall Score: 8/10