Review of Spare the KO and Spoil the Wife

Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsSpare the KO and Spoil the Wife – 17 Mins

SahryeDanger seems to be doing everything completely wrong this particular day in the eyes of his sexy wife Sahrye. Currently on his ‘honey do’ list is the task of hanging an assortment of wall art that he just can’t seem to arrange to her liking. The harder he tries, the angrier Sahrye becomes, eventually getting in his face and screaming at him. Sahrye and Danger are to the point where they are nose to nose, with Sahrye telling Danger how worthless he is. Suddenly, Danger snaps! He whips Sahrye around and locks on a tight, constricting sleeper hold, telling her to just ‘shut the fuck up already’! Sahrye fights insanely, kicking, screaming and exerting energy wildly. For as strong as she is, Danger is still stronger, especially with his pent up fury on his side. It’s not long before Sahrye’s eyes meet the back of her lids and her body goes limp, falling against her man. He cradles her body to re-position her, and begins his limp checks to make sure she is FINALLY out and QUIET. Eye checks, limp arm and leg drops, finger checks, slow shoe removal and foot caressing are all done as well as some great rag dolling before the stubborn wifey comes around. Once awake, Sahrye is furious, screaming that her brothers are going to tear him apart for daring to put a finger on her. As she continues threatening him, he slaps on a neck nerve pinch, stunning her into silence and throwing her eyes into wide open orbs. He plays with the pressure, wanting to enjoy the process of watching his mean bitch of a wife go out. Sahrye’s eyes slowly roll and cross, her hands eventually following away from his hands and dropping to her sides. He’s got her again in the perfect position: , limp, quiet. Danger continues with his body limp play and exploration, removing her dress this time and murmuring about how hot her body is especially when she can’t talk. He’s moved her onto an ottoman at this point, lifting her body up by her hands to rag doll her from side to side, throttling her head back and forth. As she’s being limply rag dolled, she slowly awakens. Instead of fury this time, she begs forgiveness. Danger listens intently and helps her stand up, telling her he accepts her apology and wants to give her a back rub to calm her down. As he starts massaging her neck, she keeps chattering away, but we can see a slow smile coming across his face. His hands maneuver from her neck to her mouth. She is too relaxed to notice that he’s in the midst of applying a final hand over mouth smother! It’s on tight by the time she senses what is going on, and he’s so into it that he just crushes on the pressure, loving the feel of her mouth and nose vacuum panicking for air. Her eyes and lids are wild as her body goes limp again. Danger sits back on the couch with the beautiful, lovely Sahrye against his lap. He limps plays her upper body from behind in this position, nuzzling her neck and hair. He rag dolls her head as well. The scene closes with Danger hugging her limp body close…

This vid is like a dream come true! I know we’ve all been in that situation, where your significant other is just getting on your last nerve and you just wish you could put her to sleep. Well, Danger Dude (God awful name BTW) gets that chance with the beautiful Sahrye (Great name BTW lol). I love how this set up and even after the first KO Sahrye takes some time to gather her wits and get right back in Danger’s face, which only earns her another trip to dream land. Sahrye looks so good as she slowly loses consciousness and Danger has a great time, stripping her down to her bra and panties. When Sahrye wake up this time, she sings a much nicer tune, but Danger is having way too much fun and puts her out with another great eyerolling KO. Some more great limp play brings this video to an end. I love Sahrye, she’s so great at KOs and limp play and her acting, especially here, really helps make her videos so much more fun to watch.

Overall Score: 9/10