Review of Taylor Chloroformed

Review of Girls Getting SleepyTaylor Chloroformed – 31.5 mins

Taylor recently turned 18 and decided she wants to pursue modeling as a career. She responded to a casting call posted on a modeling website wanting to do a shoot. She was quickly scheduled for a shoot. She shows up ready to shoot anything, with a bag full of outfits. Unfortunately, all she gets is chloroformed, stripped naked and molested, but this so called photographer.

A super simple one here, not that that’s a problem, when it’s done right. Taylor is Chloroformed as soon as the video’s set up is done. She’s slowly stripped of every bit of her clothing, being felt up the whole way. She wakes up twice, but is quickly put out again. No real eye rolling from the KOs or the eye checks, but the limp action is perfect as is Taylor’s body, picture perfect from head to toes. She also plays the role well, not that there was much for her to do, but for what there was, she nailed it. Also this vid is 30 mins and sells for $13, that’s really cheap for some solid limp play action. Overall, wish the eyerolling was a little better, but other than that, this vid and Taylor are outstanding.

Overall Score: 9/10