Review of BOXED SET 2

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBOXED SET 2 – 61 mins


For the first 8 minutes of this brutal boxing battle, Jackson completely controls the action, pummeling SK with a variety of rights, lefts, and uppercuts that completely daze the Kid. A sudden blow to the belly cuts Jackson off, however, and after a brutal series of boxing KOs, Sleeperkid ends the match with a 10 punch combo that leaves Jackson completely out cold on the mats.

CASSIDY vs SK13 min

In this one-sided boxing battle between SK and Cassidy, the lovely girl-in-white takes an early KO via SK’s massive uppercut and from there it’s downhill for Cassidy, as she takes belly blows, jabs, right, lefts, uppercuts, leading to multiple KOs and even suffers a punchout via First-Person POV shot that leaves her completely out on the mats. But, SK isn’t done. He sits the devastated girl up and applies a long-lasting sleeper hold, followed by a triangle choke out and a final power bomb that leaves Cassidy out and ready for a pin. SK finally stands Cassidy up and sends a final uppercut to her chin, leaving her no choice but to slump forward for a final over the shoulder carry out of the room.


Two of SKW’s fan favs go for the final 10 count in this custom boxing battle. Each lady takes her fair share of KOs, all of which are delivered via dramatic eyerolls and groggy reactions before the lights go out. After plenty of back and forth KOs the girl finally KO each other and end things with a double KO.

After the first 8, long mins, of the video, things really kick off and never look back. Jackson was one of my 1st favorite jobber from back in the day. The way she sells is so unique and fun. She gets knocked all over the place with her limbs and hair flying everywhere. I love the she gets KO’d a lot, but just keeps getting up, still out of it looking for more. SK gave her all he’s got eventually, finally got her to stay down. A really get vid.

Following in the multi KO boxing vid style. Cassidy’s glass jaw leads her to many KO’s before this one is done. SK has plenty of fun counting her out again and again, then rips the gloves off and starts applying wrestling hold to KO Cassidy a few more times, before the final pin. Cassidy is utterly outstanding and after watching this again, it is definitely one of my favorite SKW boxing vids, still.

The multi KO boxing madness continues as Sumiko and Pandora go back and forth with some great exaggerated reactions. Both girls get plenty of nap time, giving us great dazed reactions and extra eyerolling before passing out. It awesome to watch as these girls KO each other and ending things off with not one but two double KO’s.

Overall this is by far one of, if not the best boxing bang for your buck. You get 3 amazing boxing matches all with multiple knockouts, super sexy girls and great selling. If you’re a boxing fan, in fact, if you a fan of awesome knockouts, then you’ll love this one.

Overall score: 9.5/10