• Paiges injury was to her shoulder I think. I don’t know the current status. Charlotte doesn’t mind jobbing either and that’s always a good thing for a woman.

  • Yeah, I agree. Hopefully one day. AJ may be gone for good because her husband (CM Punk) is hated by the McMahons and vice versa. As for Paige….she was suspended but I don’t know for how long. Last I heard she had an injury that she believes needs surgery but the WWE says doesn’t. Hopefully she’ll be back fairly soon. She’s about as good as…[Read more]

  • For whatever it’s worth….I guess the WWE is making a movie about Paige called Fighting With My Family. The Rock announced it on Raw after the TV time ended last monday. Also AJ Lee’s autobiography is due out in the not too distant future.

  • Well, I see your “Best of 2016” video is up and running. Once again- great job. You must spend the whole year thinking of new subjects. I’m going to have to watch it again and take notes because, while I agree with some of your choices, I’m not with you on all of them. Best jobber is…..oh come now!

  • stillwell started the topic Spectrum in the forum Random Discussion 5 months, 1 week ago

    I see that Hit The Mat has finally posted the Keri Spectrum boxing video that you said you couldn’t wait to see. I went to H.T.M. to take a look at the preview vid of this topless match vs. Darrius and……they put Mr. Blurrys over her tits, er, I mean mammary glands. Oh well. It looks like Darrius gave her a good ass kickin’ so I hope you’ll…[Read more]

  • Sleeper kid has announced that one of his new years resolutions is to find a place in which to put up a well lit ring to use in his videos. I love this idea because I prefer matches in the ring. The ring and the ropes can be used as weapons in and of themselves. I’ve always wanted to see Anne Marie among others hung upside down in the corner.…[Read more]

  • I added the sword play and gun fight to draw out the length a bit. They could be eliminated as need be. And the clothes change is a good idea too. The the way, would be the bad guy in this scenario and would take someone who not only can job and sell physically but also act the part of a real bitch. I’m not sure who that would be.…[Read more]

  • Here’s an idea I had which doesn’t really have anything to do with anything above. While out shoveling snow today I started thinking about a video that has a variety of parts all based on the same scenario. In my head I’m calling it “Putting Her In Her Place”). It goes something like this…a woman (who ever, I don’t have a real preference right…[Read more]

  • Luna and Sparrow getting their butts kicked together might be something. I still like the idea of Tiny beating 2 female pros together at the same time though.

  • That’s strange but- whatever. How about Tiny takes apart a couple of female pros at the same time. You like Jesse Bell, maybe she and someone else. Or maybe Anne Marie recruits a pro, again maybe Jesse Bell, to go 2 on 1 vs. Tiny takes them both apart at the same time. Something like that.

  • For your next one….how about Tiny destroying Anne Marie and Sumiko at the same time.

  • stillwell started the topic Anne/Tiny custom in the forum Random Discussion 7 months ago

    I just purchased your custom of Anne Marie proving herself to be the worlds greatest jobber/seller by letting Tiny squash her. I give an A! I’ve always said Anne is the greatest jobber of all time and she proves it here. She gets her ass kicked all over the place in all kinds of ways and sells, sells, sells. She’s back in great shape and looks…[Read more]

  • stillwell started the topic Jobbers in the forum Random Discussion 7 months, 1 week ago

    I see you had a custom made featuring the worlds greatest jobber being squashed by the worlds biggest Tiny. I also see FWR has created a jobber championship belt. Great ideas. I’m reminded of an idea I had quite a long time ago (I may have mentioned it here) about a jobbing contest between Anne Marie and Sumiko to determine who the worlds…[Read more]

  • stillwell started the topic Best of…. in the forum Random Discussion 8 months ago

    It’s late October so I’m guessing you’re putting together your “Best Of 2016” video. I’m betting I know which is gonna be your #1 video of the year and it’s star just might be your jobber of the year.

  • I’m just wondering what you people think of the new SKW behind the scenes videos that he’s begun putting on Facebook? I think they’re terrific, maybe the best marketing tool for these kinds of things that I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen 4 of them now and they make me want to buy each of the videos they’re about, especially the new one with Anne Marie…[Read more]

  • I was just wondering, and I have no real clue about this but you might, I wonder how many of the fans of sites like SKW or FWR or other such places are women? I wouldn’t think it’s a very high percentage but there has to be some, maybe 5% or 10% or something like that, a fairly small percentage but there none the less. I’m not sure if there…[Read more]

  • Watching Becca- and quite a few others- get knocked senseless is one of lifes small pleasures. Interesting notions about the redubbing. I’m not quite as enthused about this idea overall as I was when I thought of it but who knows, if it could be done at a reasonable price I might do it someday.

  • I just realized this is actually a….. vs. invisible…. match only with me or you or whoever being…..the invisible……according to our wants. Still I find it kind of exciting to think of my name being used as the opponent who KO’s Becca or whomever. Kind of cool I think. Thoughts?

  • I’m just sitting here wondering if I’ve come up with a new sort of custom match, boxing let’s say, in which I (or you or anyone else who wants) participates. Sort of. Lucy, lemme splane: While looking at some of the regular sites that you review I wondered- what if I sent in a custom match request to, say, FWR in which I would, in a manner of…[Read more]

  • I wish we had more time to think things through but here I go……
    When you perform in a wrestling or boxing video do you prefer to portray the winner or the loser?
    When you perform in a wrestling or boxing video would you rather perform against a woman or a man?
    You’ve been rag dolled at least once at SKW. Did you find it easier to…[Read more]

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