• I wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks on a silly boxing video . Any chance of that happening ?

  • McChurl replied to the topic Femmix in the forum Random Discussion 3 years, 8 months ago

    I don’t know if the ‘ head turned away from the camera ‘ is a standard knockout pose with this company , or not , but I agree with you 100 % …. A complete turn off . And , I hold the video director accountable . Either tell the fighter to turn her head so that it’s facing the camera , or tell your cameraman to circle around and shoot the…[Read more]

  • I know you enjoy the goofy knockout reactions , and I do , as well . I was wondering , if / when you order a custom , with any provider , do you usually insist on the tongue out / cross-eyed looks , or are you more flexible and let the type of action determine whether or not the match becomes a bit silly ? …. At least facially ….. Thanks .

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    Thanks for the info . If you’re not aware of it , she did a first rate goofy slugfest video with Hollywood that is available at her clips4sale store . That was one of the customs I alluded to , and if she’s out of the business , it’s going to have to tide me over for a long , long time .

  • Does anyone know what has become of Randy Moore ? I’ve tried to contact her regarding some custom work , but she doesn’t respond . ( I’ve made two attempts within the past year or so . ) She doesn’t seem to be updating her clips4sale store , either . Any information will be greatly appreciated .

  • In addition to the annoying things you’ve already mentioned , the one that gets me burned up is when the jobber is out for the count , and the video director shoots the back of her head . And then ends the video on that unacceptable pose . Man , I want to see the girls’ face …. I honestly have no interest in the back of her head ….. And face…[Read more]

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    I wish you luck . ( I don’t mean that sarcastically . ) He can do nice work when he’s concentrating , but in my case , he dropped the ball once too often . However , I’ve been considering a pov beatdown of Becca or Alex . Maybe someday ….

  • McChurl replied to the topic Two jobbers in the forum Random Discussion 3 years, 8 months ago

    Actually , the first time it happened , ( a Cali Logan / Tracy Jordan video titled ‘The Poser ‘ ) , I contacted Rick through the FWR website , and voiced my complaint . He apologized and admitted his mistake , explaining that he didn’t bother consulting the script . ( I thought that was rather lame , thinking that if you’re not going to reference…[Read more]

  • McChurl replied to the topic Two jobbers in the forum Random Discussion 3 years, 8 months ago

    You’re absolutely right . FWR has produced several knocked silly videos that have the girls crossing their eyes , smiling goofily , and ‘ hearing birdies ‘ . But , the silliness always seems to stop short of tongue protrusion . ( Not always , but more often than not . ) In fact , I’ve commissioned 3 or 4 customs from Rick emphasizing tongue out…[Read more]

  • This isn’t a pose as much as it is a reaction , but I really like it when someone receives a face punch from her opponent , and spins around cross eyed with her tongue protruding out of the corner of her mouth . Staggering around the room while making cartoonish faces is a big selling point for me , as well .

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    A few days ago , SK tweeted a brief acknowledgement to a wrestler named Candy that had recently passed away . Does anyone know the full name of the girl he was referring to ?

  • Search Fem Wrestling Room . More specifically , the videos featuring Vanessa Harding . It seems to me that she collapses face down , albeit briefly , in a number of videos .

  • Well , that sucks …. Anyway , I wish you luck running it down … Maybe SK can help ? Hell , I really got nothin’….

  • If this match is hard to find , and you have a way to contact Sumiko directly , then I would take that approach . Sometimes , for whatever reasons , some custom matches don’t get posted to the provider’s site …. Or , if they do , it takes a long time before they surface .

  • Has anyone had the chance , or the inclination , to check out a relatively new website called Silly Girls Vids ? If so , I’d appreciate it if you’d take a minute and share your thoughts . Thanks .

  • What got me pissed was that they knew they had filmed a sub standard , shit video and sent it to me , anyway . Customer satisfaction didn’t seem to be their first priority here . It’s as though someone thought , ‘ Yeah , I know it’s garbage , but unless this guy complains , let’s not worry about it ‘ . I would have understood if I had been told…[Read more]

  • I think variety is the key . Don’t just shoot material that you like . If you can offer a little something for everyone , from serious competition to goofy boxing matches , you should be able to build a solid fan base for yourself .

  • McChurl replied to the topic Two jobbers in the forum Random Discussion 3 years, 10 months ago

    I’m fascinated by jobbers that aren’t normally cast as jobbers . The fighter who’s usually in complete control being knocked silly all over the place has tremendous allure for me . ( Amo Morbia stumbling around punch drunk and cross eyed with her tongue dangling comes racing to my mind . ) That said , Becca at FWR is an incredible jobber . Just…[Read more]

  • Since you’re a fan of silly and over the top knockout videos , you might want to check out an older FWR video titled ‘Room Service ‘ . It’s a cautionary tale depicting what could happen if you don’t tip your hotel bellboy . Shauna Ryanne is the penny pinching victim here , and it’s all very light and comical .

  • I guess crap like that can happen to the best of us . My own Company X story goes something like this …. Several years ago I contacted a reputable provider and ordered my third or fourth goofy boxing video from them . Long story short , the girls didn’t provide the reactions I had specified , and even worse than that , the entire video was…[Read more]

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