Review of Kat’s Invisible Foe

Review of Fem Wresting RoomsKat’s Invisible Foe – 16.5 mins

Kat has been out drinking and returns to the studio a bit tipsy. As she decides to take a little nap she’s suddenly the recipient of a mysterious punch to the jaw! She rolls her eyes and falls, unconscious, in the famous butt-in-the-air pose. Kat gets knocked out a second time and falls to her face but she’s rolled over with her arms and legs being lifted and dropped into a beautiful spread eagle pose. The invisible foe is at it again! Cut to the next day … We find Kat, refreshed and leaving the dressing room in a cute and very tiny schoolgirl outfit. But suddenly she’s tripped and falls into the wall then hears birdies!! This fun video continues with sexy Kat stripping to her tiny black bikini and trying (but failing) to take on her mysterious opponent. Like in our previous “Invisible Foe” videos, Kat experiences quick knockouts due to punches, head bonks, belly punches, a speedbag facial, a sleeper hold, and a stunner. After each knockout she ends up in wide spread eagle positions. You’ll also enjoy her eyes rolls, dazed looks, tongue out dizziness, and occasional twitching. Have fun watching this beauty!

More Invisible Foe vids, which is always a welcomed thing to see. This time the lovely Kat is his victim of choice. I can tell you it is clear that this original invisible foe script writer is back as his love for the spread eagle KOs are back in full effect. I think Kat absolutely killed her role in this vid, which I think is the most over the top version of this video so far. Kat does plenty of eyerolling, some nice tongue protrusion and even a little bit of twitching for a select few KOs. I also love the outfit changes, starting in the cute dress, then into the sexy school girl outfit and finally to the bikini, all of which look great on Kat. There was also a better mix of KO poses in this vid that start as one pose and then get changed into the spread eagle pose. The KOs are fun and plentiful, again, also very well sold by Kat. And there are plenty of great camera angles for the KOs, showing of Kat’s feet, belly, face, and anything else you might want a good look at. I think this is Kat’s best performance, which is extra impressive, because these matches have got to be a little odd to perform in and Kat nails it.  I love these matches, I hope they keep coming, keep getting a little more over the top and I can’t wait to see who’s next.

Overall Score: 9.9/10