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    They can be from any site involving the fet. Who are your top 5 current sleepy/limp girls? for me atm

    #1-Victoria [GGS]
    #2-Peyton [FWR]
    #3-Aimee [GGS]
    #4-Brooke [RingDivas]
    #5-Elisabeth [Defeat]


    wouldn’t call them all sleepy girl per say but my top 5 goes as follows.. at least right now

    Sparrow – SKW
    Anne-Marie – SKW
    Becca -FWR
    Stella – SKW
    Luna – Mainly SKW, but she can be found in a number of places

    Some honorable mentions – Elizabeth, Sumiko, Lilith, Jacquelyn, Peyton, Bambi, Kayla Obey, Monroe, Eden, Kayla Lael, Madison, Alisa and Victoria… I guess Destiny from RingDivas would be one more too.

    I got a lot of favs could sit here all day adding to this list.


    I think I’ll weigh in on this . My choices aren’t in order of preference . All these women are great at what they do , and they’re listed as I think of them . Victoria ( GGS , exclusively , for now ) . Tori ( FootMode , exclusively ) . Galas ( SKW , Jacquelyn Velvets , her own site / store ) . Serena ( Feet and Sleep ) . Gina ( Feet and Sleep ) . My list of ‘ honorable mentions ‘ would be far too long to post here ,so I’ve chosen five models that have been doing it for a while , and , so far , habitually deliver the goods .


    My list changes on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.
    Right now, here’s my top 5:
    1. Mutiny (several companies)
    2. Bambi Buttons (skw)
    3. Anabelle Pync (skw)
    4. Elizabeth (defeated)
    5. Luna (skw)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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