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    plain and simply, i like to see the girls lose. Hence, the focus i put on the jobbers in the videos, I also don’t like the male loses, because the losers are the show and i like women.


    Hi. Can you please review SKW Highlights: Volume 34. Thanks in advance!


    yes i can, not this update, but next


    This looks interesting. Maybe you could check it out?

    Agent Alexis


    Hmm, maybe. I’ll keep it in mind.


    Maybe check out Property of Hollywood, with Eden. I have it and it’s a good clip if not maybe the new Coco vs Saya?


    i did grab the Hollywood Eden vid, but didn’t have time to review it. I did really like that vid, Eden is so good, so sexy. The Coco Saya vid is on the way very very very soon.


    Although I’m sure you’re aware of this new sleepy producer using SKW/V’s F talent, thought I’d share it with you just in case.

    Sensually Savage Productions


    yup, I’ll definitely be checking them out soon.


    I would like to see more Velvet Fantasies videos reviewed. A bunch of intriguing videos have been released recently.


    I’ll work on that.


    Could you review this video from Wild Stories? Deadly Quest


    not a bed looking clip, not a store i frequent thought, I’ll see if feel like grabbing that one when i buy vids again.

    Ryan Stephenson

    Is this one worth a look? Thinking of buying it but hard to tell from the preview pics what the KO’s are like

    She Loves Me Not


    I can’t tell either, i can grab it and review it but might take a while to get it posed, work is kicking my butt.

Viewing 15 posts - 301 through 315 (of 353 total)
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