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    Faffy waffle

    Hey B.N Da Supa Mark Could you do a review on Girlsgettingsleepy.com The video is “Ravae Kidnapped” would like to see your opinion on it and ratings thx 🙂


    Yea ok! coming soon!

    Faffy waffle

    Hey B.N Da Supa Mark There’s a new video product on the Girlsgettingsleepy.com site its called (Taylor Chloroformed 3) i wanna see your opinion on it and review if possible…thx 🙂


    Hi, you could review Scissoring Star of Sumiko Dreams on http://clips4sale.com/71296?


    Luca, That’s one i don’t think will be of much intrest to me. It’s just two girl trading head scissors. Good, if you like struggling but i think there’s only one KO, if that. If you really want, I’ll do it.

    Faffy waffle, I’ll look into that one. Looks OK from a quick look.


    OK, instead, how about Tena Vs Cherie: 3 Round strip footsmother fight of Defeated on http://clips4sale.com/61195?


    OK this one has sparked my interest a bit. I’ll take a look at it and get it posted ASAP.



    Mister Bright

    Hey Mark. I like your reviews quite a bit. It’s nice to have a second opinion on things like this. I saw this request thread and had to make an account because there are some videos i’d LOVE to see a review for.

    I don’t wanna be greedy and i’m sure you have a huge list of videos you wanna get around to, but I have quite a few requests. I don’t have a lot of money and when I go to buy a video/clip, i’m really obsessed with getting my monies worth or else I end up regretting the purchase.

    The clips are organized by the site/store they belong to and are ranked with a number. The stores/sites aren’t in any order though. I tried to pick clips/videos I think you’d personally enjoy…so I hope I did a decent job…


    #1 -Babyface Ragdoll


    #2 – Sentry Girls Session 30


    #3 – Please review the rest of Sparrow’s available videos (if you haven’t already). She’s easily my favorite girl on SKW. I’m going to buy them all eventually, I just want to know where to start first 🙂

    I was kind of excited to see you review a few Femmix videos. I only picked one from their site because their videos tend to be fairly expensive…and their older videos turned me off on their stuff (I still have a handful of them, some that aren’t listed anymore for some reason). The newer stuff they do looks better, but I don’t have the money to try em out unfortunately…

    Lacey VS Madelyn 2


    I’m sorry but I didn’t know how to get a direct link so you would have to search the store. Just type in the name of the clip and look for the video with the provided date and length. All the clips are found at


    #1 – Strip Wrestling HD (the one dated 1/21/12 that runs 24 minutes)
    #2 – Salome V Sarah HD (the one dated 12/14/12 that runs 21 minutes)

    Sweet Dreamz
    Dunno if you’ve heard of this one, but this is another C4S store and I didn’t know how to get a direct link to each clip. I don’t know if this store is your “thing”, but it has KOs and fondling. I bought 1 clip from them and it was nicely priced and was pretty good quality overall. Just search the store for the title or you can search the girls names that I provided. All clips are found at


    #1 – Rarity Goes Limp (Rarity)
    #2 – Busty Thief, Decked (Rarity)
    #3 – Ranger Marilyn is Defeated (Marilyn)
    #4 – Anya Wants Nerdy Keena (Keena/Anya)
    #5 – Mixed Boxing Compilation (Noelle/Natalie/Keena)

    Again, I don’t wanna be too greedy, but I guess I already have been. I’m really sorry about that. Like I said above, I don’t have a lot of money. I try to make video purchases that will give me the best value for what I spent and it can be really hard sometimes…especially when it comes to C4S (a lot of videos don’t have good descriptions and/or previews).

    At the very least, i’d REALLY appreciate it if you could atleast review each of the #1 videos/clips.

    Thanks for your time
    ~Mr. B


    Sorry for takeing a long time to get back to you. I wasn’t paying attention. Anyway, I can definitely review some of these. I’d pic the ones i liked most from previews 1st.

    Like: #5 – Mixed Boxing Compilation (Noelle/Natalie/Keena)

    That looks really good to me.

    I think I have done all the available Sparrow clips, becasue i love her too! Also the ragdoll clip is a great one, you won’t regret that one for sure.

    Anyway, i’m going to look at more of these closer and will definitely review some of them soon as I can.

    Mister Bright

    Hey, there’s no rush. Take all the time you need. I’m just happy you’ll look into these 😀


    Jack Brewer

    Can you please review Andie vs Darrius
    Link: http://htmwrestling.com/boxing/htmv38-andie-vs-darrius

    Jack Brewer

    I have seen that one before and i remember it being good and mainly one sided in Darrius’ favor. I seem to have lost the vid, I’ll see if i can get it again.

    Faffy waffle

    Hey B.N Da Supa Mark Can you Do A Review On Velvets Fantasies The Product is(Staying In and Going Out With Avery) Thanks 🙂

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