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    Working on getting it, then i will


    Hey could you do Clone wars: kills vs kos by velvets fantasies thx bye


    Hmm, haven’t seen that in awhile… sure, I’ll add it to the list.


    Can you review Fem Wrestling Rooms’s “The Bet”?


    I don’t have that one, but i’ll ask if i can get it.


    @ps2man Hi!

    Can you review these two videos of Defeatedxxx?

    Diane vs Andrea: Smother Match

    Submission Fight with Hair Pulling, Nipple Twisting and Strap on!

    Jewish Guy

    could you review Legs Only 2? Link id: http://skwppv.com/skwppvnew/?download=legs-only-2-41616

    Also, could you maybe try and add gifs to the three older viedeos Eve Avon starred in like we were talking about back in december?


    Legs only i can do, but I’m just so busy right now just trying to keep up, i don’t think I’d have the time to go back and make GIFs for the old Eve vids, sorry.

    The Defeated vids, I’ll look into, no promises yet.

    Jack Brewer

    Can you review Arizona Knockouts?

    Faffy waffle

    Hey Bn Da Supa Mark could you review these products please? Thx

    On Girlsgettingsleepy product name is “Sleepy Oil 3”

    And on Girlsgonehypnotized product name is “Kylie Hypnotized”

    hope you could review these and will be waiting thx and keep it up😃

    Jewish Guy

    I was wondering if you are still going to do Legs Only 2?
    Also, could you do Agents vs The Vampiress (http://skwppv.com/skwppvnew/?download=agents-vs-the-vampiress-added-53116)?


    Jack Brewer, i don’t have that one anymore, I’ll have to see if i can reacquire it.

    Faffy, The GGS vid is a possibility, but not the hypno one, i can’t stand them repeating themselves over and over and over and over again. Makes me want to dig my ears out with a spork. So, that one’s not going to happen.

    Jewish Guy, Leg’s only is a guaranteed, as soon as i do some catching up. and Agents vs The Vampiress, may be considered a part of catching up, so you’ll see that one too, you might even see that one 1st.


    I’m with you on those hypnosis videos . As far as I’m concerned , the only thing hypnosis videos ever did was marry the words ‘ excruciatingly ‘ to ‘ dull ‘ . And , even the k.o. videos are becoming stale . I wish they’d produce one more over the top knocked silly vid. And , that could happen if they’d take custom work again …


    Hey bignigsupafan,

    I’m fairly new here, but thanks for all your work. Your reviews, gifs and pics helped me make a couple purchases this week, I just wish i’d found this place sooner.

    Is there any chance of a review of this?
    “Yoga Bitches Tit Brawl” Keri Spectrum Vs. Cali Logan (TOPLESS)

    It’s the top selling clip in the Spectrum store atm, but i’d appreciate a little more info as to how much of it revolves around low blows vs tit attacks.

    If you can help that’d be great. Otherwise thanks for all the reviews so far!


    First of all, welcome, glad to hear that I’ve helped you in anyway and i hope to be of use to you in the future. Now, i just grabbed a couple of vids from Keri and that wasn’t one of them, I thought it looked too catfighty for me, but I am a big fan of both of them and next time i gets some vids from Keri, I’ll make sure it’s one of them.

Viewing 15 posts - 211 through 225 (of 353 total)
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