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    Any videos you guys would like me to review, you can ask me here. Be sure to include a link where I can get it from.


    Thank you for all the great work 😀


    Nice to have this place now!
    Any reviews of limp fetish and KO videos are most welcome!


    Great to see you here Jaca! Of course more limp content on the way!


    Hey there B.N. Da Supa.. man u are doing a great work.. love your reviews. had a request for a video and wanted to ask a thing. the video request is for the boxing video of lia labowe and dianna knight from htm wrestling. and wanted to ask is it possible for u to keep a preview vid clip for the videos u review besides the preview pics?


    Thanks A lot man! I can definitely review that vid. Just give me some time to get it… I could make preview videos, although at this time I am choosing not to. I don’t really have a great reason not to. I guess, I feel like that would be too much. Maybe I’ll do some if you and others specifically ask for them. How’s that for meeting in the middle? lol


    lol.. actually i would ask for a preview video of all the videos i request for 😀 i know its a lot to ask for. since u had started this forum, just wanted to give it a try asking. hope to see great stuff here. best of luck for your work 🙂


    Well some stores have there own previews and I don’t want to step on any toes. Like i know HTM and FWR have their own previews videos. So those i can’t do. But i do like the idea and even though it may be time consuming, I’ll see what i can do.


    Hello Admin SupaMark, I have a request in mind if you don’t mind… The Final Showdown featuring Antoinette, Sassi, and Tara from FWR (femwrestlingrooms)… I think it’s a pretty good video and I just wanted to see your opinions on the video whenever you got time… Have a great weekend


    Yes, i have that one and will be reviewing it soon!

    Faffy waffle

    Hey B.N Da supamark i would like to request a review if possible from you the site is Sleepysoles.com and the video i’d like you to review is (Physical Therepy WITH RENE) would be appreciated 🙂 Btw keep doing what you do best and have a nice day 🙂


    I took a look at that one and I’ll get it. That vid is officially on the list and i will review it as soon as possible.

    Faffy waffle

    Thanks B.N Da supa mark also i’d like to see some pictures and also your opinion on the video thanks again 🙂


    Hey can you review “Becca’s Beating” from femwtestlingrioms…it’s one of my favorites and want to get your take on it


    hell yea i can do that!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 353 total)
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