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    So, I’ve haven’t had much to update you guys with for a little while, the Becca Q&A was/is still a smash, thanks for that, other then that, its been pretty much business a usual, minus, life getting the way of me running this site and foreign spammers trying to ruin my forum, everything else is about normal.

    So last time i took a vote to see what you guys wanted to see from me next and Q&A barely won in the end. With that Q&A out of the way, it makes it pretty clear that it’s time for a music video. No ideas what i am going to base this one on, so if you guys want a particular theme, now is the time to say something.


    How about…..the best of jobbers. A better explanation- clips of the best moments in jobbing from the various sites you deal with. Anne Marie being ko’d by whomever (I think that may have happened once or twice to Anne), Becca being finished off by whomever, a moment of Sumiko getting her cute little butt kicked by whomever, just the best moments in jobbing from all the best jobbers.


    lol, yea, once or twice to Anne! I love this idea, I think this might be the one, Brilliant thank you


    You’re welcome. Hey, do I get a producers credit? I’ve always wanted a producers credit! The next one you do could, therefore, be a best moments in heeling, meaning SK’s best moments in beating up whatever woman he’s defeating, Sapphires best heel moments, Tiny’s best heel moments and others. You know who they are better than I do.


    Hmm, i could give credit for the idea, not sure if producer is the right moniker, but i have no problem giving you some cred. The Heel, idea could work too.. we’ll see, i like it


    Hey, I’ll take what I can get. And my services are provided for free! And I’ll try and think of more ideas for future videos.


    Great man, i’m always trying to have new ideas ready to go.

    Jewish Guy

    So how is the video going? Also, can you make gifs for the videos with Eve in them please?


    Actually the video is just about done, although i might have picked the on thing to alienate Eve. I can’t say what just yet, but i don’t think she done it yet. Hopefully you can still enjoy it.

    As far as making GIFs for her vids, at the moment, i’m not efficient enough to take the time to add them for old reviews, but future ones of course will happen.

    Jewish Guy

    Oh. I’ll try to, but to be fair will be at least a bit dissapointed. Was expecting her to make an appearence from what you had said before.

    And to her old vids, will you do so when you are more efficient?


    Yes, for you i will totally go back and then, once i get a little better at them, i don’t mean to keep disappointing you, although a seem to make a habit of it. Sorry about that…

    Jewish Guy

    It ok. It happens from time to time. Will hold you to that though 🙂


    I’m ok with that and i know you will

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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