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    So Christmas is over and the year is coming to a close, That means it time for my 2nd annual “B.N. Da Supa Mark Awards” and good news is i already started on the production of it, aiming to have it done by the mid of Jan. Then I should have a really awesome Q&A to follow.

    Reviews will be starting again Monday the 28th with FWR and a few remaining SKW reviews. I hope you guys are nearly as excited as I am about the awards vid, i always love taking to you guys about who I forgot and who should have won. Also can’t wait to tell you guys who’s doing the next Q&A, you guys will be really excited for this one.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years


    Is it me in the Q & A? Gosh, I’m honored! And I didn’t even know it. In the words of Ralph Kramden….”I AM HUMBLE”. By the way, Alice Kramden vs. Trixie Norton would have been a great match. And I am quite excited by the upcoming “Best Of 2015” video. Last years was great. Of course I’m sure my quote, from when Ann Marie asked which of her matches is our favorite and I replied “the one where you lost” will get quote of the year. Again, I AM HUMBLE!


    HAHAHA!!! you are funny, really actually had me laughing. Can’t say anything yet, on who won what, but it will be fun and great discussion will follow.


    Lemme give you one word of advice when you do the “Best Of” video. Instead of having the winner announced first have the second runner up (third place woman) first, then the first runner up (second place woman) and then announce the winner third “and the winner is….(whoever)! It increases the drama. But don’t pull a Steve Harvey and announce the second place woman as the winner and then say “opps, I made a mistake”. Not good.


    Oh i should totally pull a Steve Harvey… I love that idea, thanks, but as for as the other thing, i have addressee that issue an this time i will show the nominees, then show which one wins.


    Yeah, that sounds right. I’ll have to begin writing my acceptance speech for comment of the year. In that Anne Marie posed the original question I think she should present me with the award. While flat on her back- a position she is not unfamiliar with… a good way (had to add those last 4 words to avoid confusion).


    lol, you’re ridiculous lol


    B.N. Da Supa Mark Awards – Best of 2015 – PART 1 of 5

    included in this part
    best male heel
    best female heel
    best visiting/traveling girl
    best all around girl
    best new comer
    sleepy queen
    best foreign object/weapon

    I’m going to post the full vid in the video section after i post all the parts for now I’ll post the parts here.


    Nice job. Really good. I can’t wait to see the rest. Is there a best KO scene category? How about best producer? You may not want to do that one. Why piss off friend who didn’t win!


    Right, i try not to really upset anyone. There is best KO technique for wrestling and sleepy. I pretty much use my favorite KO senses for that.

    More tomorrow, I’ll post here. Full vid on the vids page after all the parts are up.

    Jewish Guy

    YAY THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for including Eve Avon! A bit disappointed that she didn’t make the winner, but at least she was one of the top choices! WIll there be any more of her in the video(s)? Really am hoping so! 🙂


    B.N. Da Supa Mark Awards – Best of 2015 – PART 2 of 5

    Included in this part
    best submission hold
    best heroine/villainess costume
    best wrestling attire
    best belly
    best butt
    best feet

    Jewish Guy

    Will Eve be in anymore clips for the awards even if she is only a runner-up in any?


    Yet another home run! I really can’t wait for the next entry and the whole video. Is there a category for best facial expression while passing out after a KO move?


    nah, not quite, i covered a bunch of things for reactions but not that one.

    And i think Eve is in there again, not sure though.

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