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    I would love to see more GGS videos of alot of types reviewed here. It’s my fav site by far but alot of the time there very very skimpy with the previews and you can barely tell anything about the video.

    With me personally this is rough being some very specific things are my main focus in the fet like outfit, shoes socks etc there wearing during the kos and most of the time all you get is 4-5 200×200 preview pics of like random spots usually that 2-3 of don’t even have to do with the ko part and a very very brief description. This doesn’t allow you to know if they are kod in what you see them in in the couple preview pics or like in many of there vids change into something else for some reason or may not even show you any full body shots in the previews so have no idea what their footwear is like at all which is huge with me. I have bought quite a few ggs videos but idek how many I would have bought if the previews showed a bit more. It’s rough forking the money having little to no idea what your gonna get other than knowing the girl and that they usually do good videos so it would help alot.

    As for specifics for me I really love Aimee so anything with her is awesome tho she only has 1-2 on ggs I think. She did much more with their sister site girlsgettinghypnotized which is more like a hypno/ko hybrid site than a hypno fet site. So for anyone who likes ggs check out ggh there are quite a few good ko vids in their. I think I have actually bought more from their than ggs itself because they always posted and updated it more and for whatever reason seem to focus their best girls their alot more. Anyway i’m rambling but basically ggs,ggh videos period but especially anything Aimee,Taylor,Jessica related and anything but Victoria. I have basically everything of her already. I will post more detailed about it later with links to certain videos.


    Victoria is my girl a pretty much the only reason i got back to GGS. I have tried the GGH stuff, but the ones i have seen have the girls repeating a line or two over and over again, the KOs are rare and i found them rather annoying, now i’ve only seen a few but they all sucked, so i’m done with GGH. There hasn’t been many more girls other than Victoria that i want to spend my money one, but i might be up for a few options, I’m just really really really nervous about it.


    I’ve become bored with GGS , and I was never interested in its’ sister site , GGH , to begin with . Victoria is my primary reason for occasionally checking up on their new material , but frankly , even when they come up with an idea or scenario that I feel has some potential , they almost invariably hand the assignment to a model that doesn’t know what to do with the material and , apparently , isn’t receiving very much direction to help her figure it out . I much prefer Sleep & Feet . Yes , it’s rather repetitive , and some of the girls seem somewhat self – conscious at times , but practically all the models are extremely attractive , and there’s a good sense of humor pervading much of the action . I just wish he’d shoot more ‘ tongue out ‘ .


    I as you know agree with alot of what’s said even tho I like it about GGS like some stuff being repetitive and some of the models being really bad but it kinda confuses me why it seems people point out the repetitiveness of GGS so much but not other sites lol. It as any other does repeat stuff but knowing many many sites of it’s many flaws it has that’s one I don’t find that big so I find it curious that seems to make such a big impact with people for it. It at least tho they may not be liked alot of the time has many different set ups/story lines etc while a vast majority of sites especially pro style ones are quite literally the exact same thing over and over just with different girls. Most complaints with GGS are valid and I agree even liking them alot but that’s one that’s never made much sense to me.

    Aside from that yeah ggh is very risky honestly where im so heavy with those sites it’s prolly a little different for me because I can pretty much usually tell for the most part from description the set up etc which ggh vids will most likely have kos but even i’m wrong sometimes and it would def be very risky for people who aren’t more familiar with them as much i’m just willing to risk it sometimes because the better girls are usually focused on more on ggh and usually better story’s colothing etc why idk it’s annoying and I wish they’d focus more on ggs but they have always focused more on it. They actually used to have a third horror site for a short time that only released like 4-5 videos before they stopped using it. Alot of people aren’t into the more extreme stuff but I ordered the first video they did on it featuring Victoria and it was probably the best vid I’ve got from them. Same price and was like I think 29 minutes long. Set up was like Victoria is a like youtube fitness trainer type and is like recording health videos etc and there is a good bit of build up then it goes with her getting attacked in her house by a stalker in like tight yoga pants and a sports bra and it’s great if I recall [I lost the video somehow.] she get’s like 2-3 different choke outs 1 head ko and a neck snap and a bunch of limp play and actually had some tongue out type stuff which is rare for them so it’s cool.

    Anyway I got distracted lol but yeah it’s risky and as for the other comment the model thing is perspective I guess and taste. Everyone different and I personally don’t get me wrong there are some bad ones but I prefer the ggs models for the most part to alot of places. They have more that more realistic attractive but more everyday girl looking type looks you could see passing the street as opposed to most sites sleepandfeet for example having more like national model type looks and I prefer the more everyday girl looks. Actual product wise I’ve never been to into feetandsleep just as you said the girls seem very very robotic to me and that throws me off almost like they don’t really know what’s going on got hired to do a modeling gig or something then was told kinda whats going on when they get there lol. I also find the outfits really cheesy for the most part which I know some people like that type of thing with the clear/glass heels furry short dresses etc. There are some good ones but it’s just not for me also they I don’t mind out there stuff the plots are a little to goofy and unbelievable to me.

    I’e kept getting a bit of track but my point is I can see everyones points with ggs and most are valid I just think alot of stuff is also exaggerated a bit with them and alot of the good looking/better stuff goes unnoticed because of some of the bad stuff. Also idk if anyone knew but a new owner took over the sites a few months ago so well see if direction starts changing. I spoke with him once but honestly so far it’s just felt about the same and even like maybe he’s a bit disinterested and not as into the fet and simply bought it for the revenue. Not saying at all that he is idk the guy but that’s just the vibe ive been getting. Updates have been less frequent the story’s have seemed to get more basic and they have got more repetitive and just that one convo.

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