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    You’ve mentioned many times that you like a woman being beaten in a vid to do some drooling as she’s passing out. Do you have any idea why you like that so much or where your enjoyment of drooling started? I have nothing against a little drooling but I don’t miss it if it’s not there. I am a tongue out lover however (if it’s done right).


    For me, it like her body giving up. She’s just so weak and out of it, she loses control of her body, twitching goes in this area as well. It’s all an emphasis one destruction and domination.

    I love tongue protrusion too. I don’t really think there’s a wrong way to do it, Just stick your tongue out.


    Your description of why you like drooling is perfect- for almost any aspect of a woman being completely defeated. Drooling, tongue out, quivering, pretty much anything. I never gave tongue out a thought until I saw the great DT jobber Mia Walters sleepered by Franchesca Le (I think) in a match and then Fran gave her a knuckle grind to the temple and after about 5 seconds out came Mia’s tongue way out the side of her mouth and then out went Mia and it was just so cool. That’s my preferred way of tongue out now, way out the side of the mouth. I would think tongue out and drooling just might go hand in hand in fact.


    Agreed, tongue and drooling definitely fit together. I just love the over the top stuff, anything to emphasize your destruction.


    Never cared for the cartoonish eye rolling myself but most anything else is OK.


    we all have our on tastes, but i love that kind of ridiculousness


    How can I NOT comment in this thread LOL!!!
    Drooling and twitching are the two things I look for in the videos I purchase.
    If it doesn’t have one of the two, I’m highly likely to not order it.
    Like it was mentioned in this thread already, twitching and drooling portrays a lack of control on the part of the losing wrestler, and it means she’s certainly past the point of defeat.
    To me, it also portrays a certain level of embarrassment on the loser’s behalf.
    I mean, nobody wants to be filmed quivering on the mat or drooling over it lol.
    Would love to hear what others think of this, too.
    Have a great day!


    Couldn’t have said it better and couldn’t agree more my friend.

    Sig Kircheis

    > For me, it like her body giving up. She’s just so weak and out of it, she loses control of her body, twitching goes in this area as well.

    Interesting explanation. For me, it’s just going limp that signals the giving up; maybe the hands and arms just dropped from trying to break a choke hold or the head rolls to the side, or just the eyes close. Drool (or spitting blood) just make this ugly (to me. YMMV.)


    I can take the drooling , although it’s not an essential selling point for me , and I never ask for it when I order a custom … But , blood letting ,as well as bruising , are of no interest to me , at all . That type of ‘ realism ‘ rather destroys the fantasy in fantasy wrestling for me .

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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