Review of Sleeperkid’s World PLAYING BOTH SIDES – 17 mins

We fade in as both Eliza and Anne-Marie try to bribe their referee (the lovely Keri Spectrum) into helping them out in their upcoming match against each other (but only if it seems like they’re DEFINITELY going to lose).  Keri smiles, taking their money on two separate occasions…and hatching a plan as the match begins. Eliza and Anne-Marie lock up but Eliza takes control with belly blows, a snap mare, and arm wringers that Anne reverses with a front flip/roll!  She traps Eliza in her own arm lock and attacks with a jujigitame on the ground.  Eliza cheats and bites Anne’s leg, taking control and knocking Anne out with a sudden swing out IMPLANT DDT KO!  Anne is OUT and Eliza goes for the 10 count pin but Anne kicks out at 7.  Eliza goes for a hairpull but Anne showers her with massive forearms to the skull! Anne nails a clothesline and follows up with belly splashes until Eliza is motionless.  She goes for the pin but Eliza kicks out at 7.  Eliza manages a belly blow and lays Anne out with a swinging NECKBREAKER KO!  She goes for the pin but once again Anne kicks out.  The blonde retaliates and traps Eliza in a brutal boston crab, followed by a brutal TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER KO! Eliza is OUT and Anne goes for the pin.   Eliza barely makes the kickout.  Anne goes for a clothesline but Eliza ducks it, causing Anne to collide into Keri!   Keri is suddenly down and OUT!  Anne tries to revive her but Eliza attacks, laying her out with a brutal PILEDRIVER KO!  Eliza wakes Keri up to get the pin but a groggy Keri has had enough.  She counts to nine and then nails Eliza with a brutal punch to the skull!  Eliza is instantly OUT COLD, and a rage-filled Keri takes control!  She decides to have fun with the downed fighters.  She wakes Anne and convinces her that SHE knocked Eliza out!   A groggy Anne goes on the attack, dropping Eliza with a massive STUNNER KO.  A confident Anne goes for the pin but Keri knocks her out with a brutal kick to the head!  Keri continues her little game, waking Eliza and telling her to finish the match.  Eliza traps Anne in a tight sleeper hold, all while Keri traps Eliza in one as well.  Now incomplete control, Keri has fun…dropping Anne with a TOMBSTONE piledriver KO, only to X-FACTOR Eliza on top of her not once but TWICE!!!   It’s over…and referee Keri delights in going for her final double leg hook pin.  She counts the money she’s been paid, tossing a few 20’s on the sleeping bodies of her benefactors before leaving the room!

This is a really nice little throwback for a few reasons, first and arguable foremost, it stars Eliza. Really the whole cast is amazing, but I’ve been missing some Eliza in my life and it was just really great to see her in action again and more importantly see that amazing eyerolling again. Next, the overall cast, Anne-Marie, Keri and Eliza, you could have just told me that and I would have bought this one, because you just can’t go wrong with these three. Next best thing is this story, both Eliza and Anne make a deal with Keri, the ref, and promise payment after they win, so Keri does what any capable ref would do, which is take them both out and takes all the money. But she doesn’t do that until first Eliza and Anne battle back a forth for a while with some near falls, than Keri helps out Anne by KOing Eliza during a pin, then immediately does the same for Eliza. Then, and only then does Keri decide it’s time to quit playing around, take the two jobbers out and collect her money. The whole thing is done flawless, as you would expect, as all of these girls know how to sell just about everything. And finally, but not least, the outfits here were great, the shiny one piece, the pink two piece, the sexy ref outfit with short skirt and of course, converse boots. It’s not very old vid, but it does have a few years on it. It’s shame we didn’t get the see this gem when it was first shot, but a least it wasn’t lost in the archives forever and we get to see it now.

Overall Score: 9.5/10