Anne-Marie vs Sumiko Revenge

Review of Anne-Marie’s TimeAnne-Marie vs Sumiko Revenge – 7 mins

Anne-Marie and Sumiko wrestle for several minutes. Sumiko is dominating Anne-Marie the whole time with tons of leg scissors and chokes. Anne-Marie can’t handle Sumiko her belly punches and wedgies continue to overwhelm Anne-Marie and she can’t fight back. Anne-Marie takes a few more chokes and scissors. Then Sumiko stands Victorious with her foot on top of Anne-Marie while she takes a nap.

I got another vid from Anne-Marie’s c4s store and another one where is Anne doing what we love to see her do most, getting her butt kick. This time Sumiko is the one doing the kicking and this match has a bunch of the key features I love to see. First Anne is talking trash, so sure that she’s going to be able to beat Sumiko, but Sumiko throws in an early belly punch and dominates the rest of the video. Even thought is a short clip, we do get some KOs, each time Anne goes out she gives us a little twitching and for the final KO some tongue out stuff too. My favorite part of this one though is the end, Anne is knocked out so cold Sumiko can’t wake her up. Sumiko tries for a little while to get Anne to come to, but fails. That is seriously one of my favorite ways for a match to end, when the poor jobber girl is just too knocked out to continue. Unfortunately, Anne hasn’t been able to add to her store since starting it, but I am sure that once she can, we’ll be getting plenty of vids like this and I can’t wait to see them.

Overall Score: 9/10